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Affordable but smart skin for your products

The packaging service Irpack Ltd packages your products with the skin method at Piispanristi in Kaarina in a quick and affordable manner. Since the consumer’s purchase decision is always influenced by the appearance and information content of the sales package, with a skin package you will maximise your customers’ interest in your product, and easily set yourself easily from competitors. With skin packaging, i.e. packaging that conforms to the shape of the product, a clear film protects the product while a cardboard background makes it possible, for example, to print user instructions or your company logo. As the product is simultaneously displayed and protected, in skin packaging the product is also not able to move inside the package. This packaging method enables ordering an impressive sales package at an affordable price, as there are no costs for making a mould.

What kinds of products should be packaged in a skin package?

Skin packaging can be made for many products of different shapes, and it is particularly suitable for packaging small lots. Since no specific moulds are needed, and no unnecessary plastic or cardboard is used for the skin packaging, the price of the package will remain affordable too. The skin package is suitable, for example, for the following products:

  • electronics components
  • small requisites
  • tools
  • spare parts
  • decorative products
  • fitting accessories
  • household requisites

At the packaging service Irpack Ltd, the material used for skin packaging is flexible and soft PE film. The product to be packaged may be 345 x 495 x 120mm at most. In case you would like to package your products in plastic but you don’t need backing cardboard, take a look at our shrink wrap packaging!

A cost-effective packaging service in Kaarina

When you need an expert to evaluate and choose the best packaging method for your products, you should contact the packaging service Irpack Ltd. We create the most cost-effective packaging solution for your packaging needs, whether you are nearby or far away.