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Bagging all kinds of products quickly and easily in Kaarina

There are many options for packing products, and bagging is one of the easiest and most effective ones. Bagging is a light and cheap way of packaging a product in an attractive manner so that it arouses the customer’s interest. The most common way of bagging is to bag the product in transparent plastic, where the product is simultaneously protected and on display. The packaging service Irpack Ltd bags all sizes of products with years of professional skill in plastic, paper or laminate, depending on the product and selected bagging method. We operate at Piispanristi in Kaarina, and we serve our customers all around Finland from our premises.

Present your products in an easy but attractive way

When you wish to present your products in a way that’s as clear as possible, you should choose a bag as your sales package. A transparent bag, in particular, will allow your customers to truly see the product that you offer, and even feel the product when necessary. Comparison with the alternatives provided by competitors is easier, and the properties of the product are more apparent when the product is in a light, transparent package. Bagging is the best packaging option, especially when you wish to include several products in the same package.

There is a hanger fitting available for all our bags, with which the product can be hanged on the hanger in the shop. The hanger fitting may also be integrated into the bag, or the product can be bagged with a traditional cardboard hanger. It is also possible to print e.g. user instructions and logos on the bags, making the sales package presentable and informative.

Take a look at our bagging options

At the packaging service Irpack ltd, we bag lots of any sizes and perform bagging manually or automatically.

  • Machine bagging:
    • Bag size can be 50 x 50 mm - 400 x 800 mm.
    • Bags are available with hanger fittings or without.
    • Printing in as many as 8 colours if needed.
    • PP or PE plastic as material.
  • Manual bagging:
    • No size restrictions.
    • No material restrictions.
    • Bagging material can be paper, laminate or PE plastic.
    • Bags are available with hanger fittings or without.
    • Printing in as many as 8 colours if needed.

Quick and affordable bagging near Turku

The packaging service Irpack Ltd serves you with professional skill in all packaging matters in Kaarina, near Turku. When you are considering the best way to package your products, please contact us and ask for an offer!