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Set yourself apart with a label! Stylish and clear labels for your products from Kaarina

The label is not just an indifferent piece of paper glued onto the product, but an inseparable part of the product image. The label is an effective way of communicating to your customers what and which kind of product it is. The packaging service Irpack Ltd labels and stickers products of all sizes, models and shapes with strong expertise. We also provide inkjet markings directly on the package. Our excellent machines and the competent personnel using them are at your service at Piispanristi in Kaarina, where we serve our customers both nearby and far away.


Whether you have food products, cosmetics products, paint tins or anything in between, the packaging service Irpack Ltd labels your product quickly, but with care as well. Neat packaging and properly sticking labels are a given with us, and we print logos, codes and product descriptions on the labels, based on your order. With labelling, you will make your brand and logo known, and convey important information about your product. Instead of just the main visual label, the label on import products may simply be an informative text label, for example a product specification or description translated into Finnish. Labelling is done automatically or manually, depending on what kind of product or product label it concerns.

Sticker labels

A sticker label is a quick and easy way to add a bar code, discount percentage or a warning on the product. A sticker can be used to label the following, for example:

  • codes
  • Finnish or Swedish texts
  • special lots
  • an honorary mention that the product has received
  • giveaways
  • warning and notice texts
  • discount percentages

Labels delivered easily

The packaging service Irpack Ltd is a customer-oriented professional in the packaging field. Depending on your products and the labelling method of your choice, you do not necessarily even need to send your products to us, but instead we can deliver the products you have ordered directly to you. In this way, we can serve customers requiring labelling services all around Finland.