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Package your products in plastic easily in Kaarina

When you wish to display your product in a manner that’s as representational as possible, or bundle your products for transport in a sensible manner, you should choose shrink wrap packaging from the packaging service Irpack Ltd as the packaging method. Shrink wrap packaging is similar to skin packaging, except that shrink wrap packaging does not include a cardboard backing, where the plastic is attached to the skin packaging. A shrink wrap package upholds the product’s own attention value very well, and protects the product through the entire logistics chain. Shrink wrap is perfect for packaging retail lots, as it is a more affordable solution than a cardboard box and in addition the products are on display.

Choose a cost-effective and ecological packaging method

Plastic wrapping is a quick and cost-effective packaging method, which saves not only money but also the environment. Plastic is easy to recycle and there is no additional packaging waste. for the packaging plastic, we use a recyclable polyethylene film. Due to the transparent and light plastic that conforms to the shape of the product, your product will be displayed in the best light and positively distinguishes itself from competitors’ products. You can also attach a sticker label to the shrink plastic packaged product when needed and this will provide the customer with all the necessary information about the product. The packaging service Irpack Ltd provides plastic wrapping on your order for e.g.

  • product ensembles and samples
  • brochures and other printed products
  • books, magazines, CDs
  • shampoos and other hygiene products
  • campaign packages
  • retail and mailing lots.

What kind of packaging service do you need?

Whether you are packaging products for sale or for delivery, you should let an experienced and professional packaging service company help you. We will find you the best and most cost-effective packaging solution, whether it is plastic, cardboard, or something in between. We will serve you with expertise at our premises at Piispanristi in Kaarina.