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We package food products in a hygienic and safe manner in Kaarina

When packaging food products, the key factors are uncompromised hygiene and high-quality and appropriate packaging, which protects the food at all stages of the distribution chain. The packaging service Irpack Ltd has invested in precisely these two factors, which define high-quality and safe packaging of food products.  Our production facilities in Kaarina meet the set quality and hygiene requirements and are perfectly suited for packaging food products. Each and every one of our experienced and professional personnel has a hygiene pass granted by the Finnish Food Authority Ruokavirasto. This verifies that the personnel working with food products are able to produce or deliver safe food products to their customers.

Reliable handling of food products in a cost-effective manner

The packaging service Irpack Ltd manages all operations related to packaging food products. We have at our disposal well-equipped food handling facilities, approved by the Finnish Food Safety Authority, with equipment that we can use to bag, can and label the food products. Your products may also consist of several components, as we can also mix powdered products. The ‘Best Before’ marking and lot numbers can be easily marked on all packages with an inkjet, and when necessary we can also label the food, depending on the package, both automatically and manually. When packaged by Irpack Ltd, it is possible to protect your food products from

  • oxygen
  • humidity
  • breakage
  • radiation (light, UV radiation)
  • drying
  • odours
  • the fading of aromas

Agree on packaging services with an experienced professional

When you need a competent and comprehensive service for packaging food products, you should turn to the packaging service Irpack Ltd. We serve our customers at Piispanristi in Kaarina with more than twenty years of experience.