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Does packaging the products your company manufactures take up unreasonable amounts of valuable time? Do you need a campaign package that sets you apart from the products of competitors? Have you thought about outsourcing your packaging activities?

The packaging service Irpack Ltd is a full-service packaging firm that packages, bags, labels, tapes, provides plastic wrappings for and tags all kinds of products quickly and reliably. Our service selection includes versatile packaging solutions for the packaging needs of both import companies and industry, as well as trade and organisations. With more than twenty years of operating in the field, we can verify that our family company is a reliable and experienced pioneer in the packaging field. Our modern premises, excellent machine stock and the right number of capable hands guarantee that assignments are always completed correctly and on schedule. Our premises are located at Piispanristi in Kaarina, near Turku, from where we serve our customers both nearby and further away. Many of our customers are located, in the capital area, for example. Contact us and ask for an offer!

Packaging services with professional skill

Packaging is laborious and time-consuming, and it requires extra investments from your company. You could use the time and money spent on packaging doing productive work, and therefore you should let an expert manage your packaging for you in an easy and cost-effective manner. The packaging service Irpack Ltd provides diverse packaging services in a professional manner: we have experience in packaging all kinds of items, such as daily cosmetics, hardware store products, spices and printing products. Take a look at our packaging services on our website! 

A responsible and reliable operator in the packaging field

The packaging service Irpack Ltd in Kaarina has twenty years of experience in providing a high-quality packaging service. We are a responsible professional in the field, and therefore quality and environmental issues are also very important in our operations. In all our operations, we aim to minimise the burden on nature and the environment: we use raw material and energy sparingly, favour reuse of material as well as recycling whenever possible, and we operate in a cost-effective and economical manner. Environmental issues are so close to our heart that we only produce the same amount of waste as a normal household.

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Pakkauspalvelu Irpack Oy
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Our customer service will answer questions and feedback relating to the register as quickly as possible.

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The register of customer, marketing and newsletter situations.

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The purpose of the handling is to manage the customer relationship, fulfil the rights and obligations of the customer and register holder and the handling of personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Act for purposes relating to web services, research activities, the targeting of the register holder’s and/or its partners’ advertising and/or direct marketing on the basis of customer information, via the register holder’s communication media and services, without submitting personal information to any outside party.

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The register can contain the following information about customers:

  • Name
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6. The Regular Data Sources of the Register

The register is collated from the register holder’s customer information system, publicly available Internet sources and any possible other public sources. As a rule, the sources of addresses are specified if they are other than those listed above.

7. Regular Submission of Information

The register holder will not pass the personal information of customers on to outside parties unless required to do so by the Finnish authorities.

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Information can be deleted from the register upon a person’s request or in the event of the ending of the customer relationship.

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Personal information will be kept confidential. The data network and hardware of the register holder and its possible IT partners, in which the register is located, are protected by firewalls and other required technical measures.