Bulk packaging enables packaging of larger lots of bulk products too

In bulk packaging, larger lots of bulk products are packaged into individual packages for the consumers. For example, flour, fertilisers, coal and other such large product lots delivered to us in large bulk sacks that weigh a tonne will be packed into smaller sacks (10-40 kg) or cans on our premises. Bulk packaging requires care and expertise to perform, and we at the packaging service Irpack Ltd have more than 20 years of experience with this. The products that we package can be delivered to the customer’s warehouse, stock or directly to resellers.

Demanding stock packaging by a competent professional

In bulk packaging, strong and durable packages, strong tapes or staples as well as sensible loading are the key to successful packaging. The product delivery is usually heavy due to the large number of consumer products divided into smaller packages, so extra attention should be devoted to high-quality and sturdy packaging materials. At our premises, located at Piispanristi in Kaarina, we have the capacity to package large lots as well safely and securely, without any risk of the packages breaking.

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When your need a reliable packaging service for demanding product deliveries or transportation, you should turn to an expert in the packaging field. The packaging service Irpack Ltd is an experienced professional in the packaging field, whom you also can easily rely on with larger packaging procedures. We serve companies all around the country.

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